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“Had all the support I needed from Sajid Sir as a producer” - says Chhichhore director Nitesh Tiwari

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The trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of the year dropped in yesterday – Chhichhore. Sajid Nadiadwala the producer of the movie shared his views on the movie and this is what he had to say.

“Friendship has been captured well in many Bollywood stories but I believe it is still a lesser explored genre. Chhichhore is youthful yet mature in its text where the story will be a journey, in itself. Nitesh has added his own charm with details to the film that is all about the bond of friendship. Chhichhore was not the first script, Nitesh and I were already discussing 3-4 scripts and one random day while having a regular talk, Nitesh gave a one liner on this story that he was always keen on working and that’s it; we knew this was the subject we wanted to work on and that’s how Chhichhore was born!”

The film maker further told us the insights like, “I think college was the subject that made me nod instantly. It’s something that everyone can easily relate to and it’s also an important part of each one’s life. It was important to establish all the characters and I must say Nitesh has done a really good job with it.”

The film maker on selection of the actors said, “Nitesh had some of them in mind and most of them were the same which even I had in mind. My involvement as a producer was to believe in my director’s thought and that’s what I did.”

Director Nitesh Tiwari had more to add, “Sajid is a very understanding producer. As a director my loyalties are always with the story and I felt that this is the one that needs to be told. I told this to Sajid Sir and he loved the idea and we are here today! I must say I had all the support I needed from him as a producer.”

Looks like Sajid is a director’s producer after all!


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