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Fate brings Guddu and Funty together again on Sony SAB’s Baavle Utaavle

Guddu (Paras Arora) and Funty’s love story recently went through a major shift with Funty (Shivani Badoni) losing her memory of being Guddu’s soul mate and wife. Sony SAB’s Baavle Utaavle underwent a 3 year leap and brought an exciting new spin to the story along with the addition of some new characters for their audience. The show is really appreciated by the viewers for its humorous yet sweet journey of a curious young couple who are now on a quest to find their way back to each another.

With Funty’s therapist, Salman’s (Gaurav Wadhwa) entry in the show, who is also trying to win Funty over, Guddu’s mission of getting his wife back has become more challenging. Salman is set to implement his ‘first paitra’ as a part of his therapy by making Funty believe through hypnosis that she will find her soul mate in the first rainfall of the season. While Salman carefully devised his plan to be the first one Funty sees when it rains, fate brings GuFu a step closer as Funty sees Guddu first in the rain. Funty is starting to develop feelings for Guddu but at the same time conflicted as she suddenly feels he is her soul mate. But the question is, will this feeling last?

What will be Salman’s next move after the first failed attempt? Will GuFu be able to reignite their love?

Paras Arora, playing the role of Guddu said, “Guddu is on his quest to win back his lovely wife but his rival Salman is devising schemes to win her over as well. The story is really exciting and I’m enjoying the show even more post the leap. The upcoming episodes bring some shocking twists and I look forward for our viewers to witness and respond to this twist.”

Shivani Badoni, playing the role of Funty said, “I want to first thank all our viewers for the love and support they have given us throughout. It is overwhelming and I only look forward to entertaining them with our show. Funty is really different post the leap. She dresses differently and most importantly, she has no memory of being Guddu’s wife. It will be an exciting week so stay tuned to learn more about the twist in GuFu’s love story.”

To know more about GuFu, keep watching Baavle Utaavle every Monday – Friday at 10pm only on Sony SAB


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