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Decoding the amazing women of Big Little Lies Have you found the Celeste to your Jane?

It is said that friends are the family we choose. But what about that unlikely friendship which grows amongst disparate people? One such complicated relationship is shared amongst the ladies of Monterey in Big Little Lies, Now Streaming on Hotstar Premium. Tangled with secrecy, conspiracy and murder the five women forge a strong bond amidst the chaos which strikes their life.

We decode their characters to tell you who in your BFF group resembles these Big Little Lies ladies:

Ms. Perfect (Nicole Kidman as Celeste Wright)

The Ms. Perfect of the group, Celeste is a tall woman with long red hair who has a stunning appearance. She is very open and welcoming, always around for her friends when needed and being protective about them. Her personality exudes pure elegance. Celeste is the one from your group who is always dressed to impress.

Full of Sass (Reese Witherspoon as Madeline Mackenzie)

Always full of sass, Madeline is innocent but witty. The one with big eyes and bright smile, Madeline is the most outspoken and the boldest in the group. She is the one from your group who will stand up and fight for all others.

Over The Top (Laura Dern as Renata Klein)

Loud, over the top and intense, Renata is the ultimate drama queen of the group. Clashing with many of the characters in the first season, Renata developed a camaraderie with the other women at the end of season 1.  Driven by ambition, for Renata rich life is the best life and there is no two ways about it.


The Sad One (Zoƫ Kravitz as Bonnie Carlson)

The chill friend who has no interest in the gossip of the town, Bonnie has a personality change after the death of Perry. She becomes, depressed, distracted and completely closes herself from the world. Do you recall one such free spirited friend who may have just become distant?

The Friendly One (Shailene Woodley as Jane Chapman)

The friendly and nice one in your group. Jane is soft spoken and kind with a good sense of humour. Jane does not necessarily care about here appearance, she is the one who avoids being the centre of attention.

What really happened in the town of Monterey which brought these women together and changed the direction of their seemingly perfect lives?

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