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Comedian Kunal Kamra surprised us this morning not with a troll but a tweet appreciating a political game SHASN

Kunal Kamra, best known for his standup acts on the government and patriotism, immersed himself in a strikingly unique political boardgame named SHASN. The game covers the entire cycle of a national election - politicians take public stands on policy matters, that earn them 4 resources distilled from a real-life politicians toolkit (funds, clout, media, trust), influence voters, capture different voting districts, build a political ideology, hatch conspiracies, navigate headlines, form coalitions, and even gerrymander. 


SHASN also deconstructs political ideologies as a cumulative built over time - a direct result of the decisions that players make every turn. In order to become The Capitalist (one of the 4 SHASN Ideologues), a player must consistently stick to that belief system and unlock powers as a reward over time, as opposed to an arbitrary selection.

In short, SHASN manages to be a compelling critique of our democratic processes and the pursuit of power, whilst delivering an action-packed, thrilling gameplay that players keep returning to. 

Kamra tweeted about SHASN, by filmmaker Anand Gandhi and Zain Memon expressing, "Best board game to host game nights with ur friends from all age groups. Being political has never been so much fun. Playing Shasn gives you a taste of the real world politics.Thanks you @MemesysLab for this amazing experience! "  - Kunal Kamra, Comedian


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