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Breaking News: New Water Park in the Heart of Mumbai

Mumbai, July 2019: With monsoon taking a toll on Mumbai, and everyone talking about how the ‘City of Dreams’ has turned into a water park, Mumbai is now known as Mumbaica. 

The city witnessed some major moments, such as trains travelling through water-logged tracks; cars, buses and two-wheelers having a hard time moving; and moreover, us humans almost swimming through it all. 

All of these instances were captured by people around the city and user-generated content was leveraged. The engagement was mind-boggling. Within a span of hours, we have organically received over 2000 Likes, 500+ shares and 200+ comments on various social platforms. 

More than 30,000 views were garnered on social media platforms organically. We received a total engagement of 20% which is higher than the industry standards of 6%. The reach across all platforms was more than 60,000.

The response from Mumbaikars’ was overwhelming. Thousands of conversations were kick-started and amplification was followed. People tweeting headlines such as, ‘Mumbaica water park reopens today’,‘Welcome to Mumbaica - Free entry for all’ and meme’s comparing flooded streets to other water parks, the trail just didn’t stop.

“By its very nature, Moment marketing has a great potential to get attention and connect with an audience. The payoff can be huge because there are millions of eyes on such trending events, thus enabling the chances of content virality. ” said, AnishaKotian, Group Account Manager, 1702 Digital. 

The impact was twofold: It not only gave rise to a chain of WhatsApp jokes and tweets, but it also served as a platform for people to share images of areas that were in utter turmoil. 

The campaign brought to limelight the precarious condition and the woefully inadequate infrastructure of the city in the monsoons using light brand humor.


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