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Bhojpuri films and secret Rangit direct attack on pornography Gano in Patna

Awareness and will finish by the law obscenity Bhojpuri: Vinay Bihari

Launched Bhojpuri army against obscene songs in Bhojpuri campaign

Bhojpuri military rule Ranjit said - action in non Belebl stream spreading pornography

Patna. Bhojpuri and Bhojpuri army to Asliltamukt the Albmon has through a press conference at the Youth Hostel an early mission in today's capital Patna. Songwriter on this occasion and BJP MLA Vinay Bihari is not responsible for a man's pornography that Bhojpuri said. So it will take the initiative to bring the society songwriter, music company and the government to end.

Vinay Bihar can be said that over through pornography Bhojpuri awareness and stringent legislation. It started a few big stars who are singing obscene songs today, they should be put in prison for two months. Then be a positive message and people fear the spreading obscenity in Bhojpuri. He said that no vulgarity in Maithili, because conscious society there. So Bhojpuri will be aware of the society. He said the state government on this serious about Chief obscenity Bihar and the coming Assembly session is scheduled to make a major decision.
They wind - called controversy Akshara that Pawan Singh Why are true, then fled. They should clarify things come out in the open. These are the same people who proceed from pornography. Is full pitcher of sin people why Akshara Singh against the wind shifted and recorded Priyanka Pandit case Kesareelal Yadav.

Reporters during the conference, actor, singer and Bhojpuri Force made secret Ranjit said Bhojpuri enriched by beggars Thakur, Vidhynwasini Goddess Sharda Sinha, but some artists have spread dirt in it for the quick progress. Now we do not accept the Bhojpuri speaking. That is why we have formed Bhojpuri army. And we have a double entender with songs that appeal to those who make them will be forced to stop pornography diffuse, not Bhojpuria military law action. At the same time will also act on its own. We want to appeal to the government that they act in laws to eliminate pornography from Bhojpuri and non Belebl stream.


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