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Astrologer Santosh Vashitha visits Mumbai.

August 2019, Mumbai: Astrologer Santosh Vashistha who was honoured as the best astrologer in Asia, in 2017, recently visited Mumbai. 

Santosh Vashitha is a 43 year old high-profile prognosticator who mainly concentrate on business and economics. His predictions have never failed, he primarily focuses on substantive geopolitical predictions, personal fortunes; he forecast financial future and study about stars. 

Astrology has been around since ancient times, even dating back to biblical days. Some consider astrology as science; a way to predict and control our life and our destiny. Being an astrologer Santosh plays an important role in our civilization. Analyzing the future through the position of planets, stars and moon requires years of practice, time and also enough knowledge to make a personal stellar chart, which will inform about the past, present and future. 

"From past so many years our ancestors are studying about stars and moons and how they affect our daily life. Even in today's generation people are curious to know, what's going to happen next. So, to enlighten them about their future I predict, study their sign and tell them what is beneficial for them and what is not. Astrology is not something where you manipulate the subject, astrology is something that in itself is an art in itself. In India I have many clients but I can't revel their names, but in the end they all are living a happy and prosperous life." says Santosh Vashitha.

Santosh got his master’s in astrology at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, India, and a Ph.D. in raja yoga, a part of Hindu astrology focused on planetary situations that indicate wealth and power.


  1. You are ding great job.Yes astrology is kind of art. continue with best results. thanks for sharing this post.Good Astrologer in Vancouver | Best Astrologer in Vancouver | Indian Astrologer in Edmonton

    1. Thankyou Astrologer Ramraj jee. Thankyou very much.

  2. Acharya Santosh vashistha is highly renowned and intelligent astrologer. He predicts with accuracy and he analyses the chart in detail. I highly recommend him.

  3. Astrology is best comprehended by figuring out how it started. Astrology is verifiably the most established and simultaneously right now the most mainstream everything being equal. Astrology is likewise used to extend comprehension of our own inclination. This mental methodology has developed fundamentally in the previous 30 years as an ever increasing number of astrologers build up their advising aptitudes.

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