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Asian Tattoo & Art Exhibition to be held in Goa in Sept 2019, Mukesh Waghela nominated for Asia Tattoo & Art Awards

The Asian Tattoo & Art Exhibition & Conference will be held at North Goa, India in September 2019 and will be a convention and exhibition for tattoo practitioners and enthusiasts, as well as anyone who wishes to see the world of tattooing up close.

With an emphasis on the 3-Ts: talent, technique and technology, the Asian Tattoo & Art Exhibition & Conference invites the public as well as members of the trade to come and experience the Tattoo Industry up close and personal.

With over 350 to 400 talented artists from across the globe under one roof in Goa, there isn’t a better place to be introduced to the niche and complex culture and technique of tattooing and body art.

With over Two Lakh footfalls expected over three days, this celebration of creativity and art promotes the skills of world-renowned artists in Asia and around the world. "This event will be the biggest Tattoo Art Exhibition, Conference and Awards Function in the entire Asia," Melwin Fernandes, one of the organisers said.

Several national and international film celebrities including many from Bollywood as well as renowned film makers and other artists are expected to attend the event and participate in the Conference and Convention, which will be part of the event.

Even if you don’t feel like getting tattooed, there will be plenty to do to keep an art enthusiast busy.

You can meet the industry’s most talented Tattoo Artists, research different tattoo genres, trends and techniques and make an appointment or even get inked on the spot!

As well as an incredible lineup of Tattoo Artists, Asian Tattoo & Art Exhibition & Conference is home to body piercing, tattoo related merchandise and a thrilling sideshow entertainment event as well as in-depth tattoo competitions.

According to the organisers, the Asian Tattoo & Art Exhibition & Conference is your chance to find out all about body art from the best in the business and all under the one roof in  September 2019 at Goa.

There will also be an awards ceremony - the most sought after Asia Tattoo & Art Awards, 2019, which will honour the best talent in the world from the Tattoo industry.

Senior Goan tattoo artist Mukesh Waghela of Moksha Tattoo Studio from Calangute at North Goa has been nominated for one of the  awards at the Asia Tattoo & Art Awards, 2019, the organisers informed. He is the only Goan tattoo artist to be nominated for any award at the Asia Tattoo & Art Awards, 2019. Five other Indian tattoo artists from different parts of the country have also been nominated so far, the organisers have informed. 

In addition, everyday from 8 pm to 10.30 pm, there will be a Goan Music Festival, featuring local bands and musicians from Goa to showcase Goan and international genres of music.


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