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Arvind alone Kallu of Film'clia "The first look out, release will trailer on August 5

Director Pramod Shastri and manufacturer Gautam Singh Most Aveted Bhojpuri Film'clia ''s first look was dismissed in Mumbai today. The film is the first flattening Look Heart, which superstar Arvind alone Kallu are visible from the bier on their backs. It is new and creative in their own right. However, Manoj Tiger, Safety and Singh, Harsh Thakur and Yamini Singh came to look at this poster. After the film's first look to Yamini Singh appeared excited. In the meantime, he said, "fraud" is a family film and my role is extremely powerful. So I would appeal to specific female audience, that they must give the film the whole family.

However, Star World will be released from banner movie first look after now trailer also declared went, according to which 'fraud' trailer YouTube channel Web Music on August 5 was scrambled. Its information director Pramod Shastri said. He said 'fraud' the first look is just a mere glimpse. The film is extremely well made. Clean is made. It will people like. Film with action, emotion, romance, drama that everything that happens in a Commercial films. Song and dialogue is to establish a dialogue between the audience. Its glance appear in the film's trailer on August 5.

Four Arvind alone Kallu Film 'fraud' - come watch with four actresses. Their co-star in the film Autumn Singh, Yamini Singh, Kanak Yadav and Nisha will Jha. Also Harsh Thakur, Manoj Tiger, Anil Yadav, Dev Singh, Baleshwar Singh, able Chaturvedi, Maya Yadav, Gauri Shankar, Kmlkant Mishra, Niranjan Chaubey, Munna Singh, Seema Yadav, Arjun Yadav, Rajkumar Singh, RK Goswami, Bittu Barnwal as actors in lead roles. The shooting occurred at an location of Uttar Pradesh. The film's co-producer Anand Srivastava, author S. Chauhan, music director Avinash Jha bell and promotional Sanjay Bhushan Patiala. DOP is Neetu Iqbal Singh. Movie Lyrics Manoj wrote meanest and Sumit Singh Chandravanshi. Choreographer Ricky Gupta and Dilip Mistry.


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