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The smile that got Mudit the role of Yogi

?The first thing that you notice in a person is the smile which attracts the most. But what if the person doesn’t like his own smile? Similar is the story of the lead actor of Sony Entertainment Television’s recently launched show Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein. Mudit Nayar who is the new chocolate boy of the television industry, seen as Yogi in the show shared that he does not like his smile because of his front rabbit teeth peeping out every time he smiles.

Although he has always received huge compliments on his smile still, he never liked it. He used to avoid smiling because of with his teeth being visible and stick to light smile for years. Later, he got his teeth trimmed to laugh out openly without any fear of his rabbit teeth peeping out. On the other hand, he loves his hair. He feels that his hairdo can make him change his looks in a jiffy and help him a lot in carrying different looks with ease.

When we reached out to Mudit to confirm the same, he shared, “Yes, it is true that I was never a fan of my smile. In most of my pictures, I carry a light smile with my teeth not visible to ensure that the bunny teeth don’t ruin my picture. A lot of people have told me that I have an adorable smile yet, I have never been convinced enough to smile broadly. I finally decided to get my teeth chipped to smile boldly. But to my astonishment, one of many reasons that I was selected for this role was because of my smile. So, it, in fact, is lucky for me.” Laughingly he also added, “I do like to smile now, but I am always conscious and keep my lips sealed.”

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein is Yogi’s love story who is hearing impaired yet full of life and enthusiasm. His family is looking for a suitable match for him to get married and settle. Find out whether they can find a match for him or not on Sony Entertainment Television.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein, Mon-Fri 8:00 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!


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