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Morgan Freeman as the President in ‘Angel Has Fallen’

Mumbai, Date: PVR Pictures and MVP Entertainment released a new trailer and poster for Angel Has Fallen withMorgan Freeman all geared up to play the president in the third-ever ‘Has Fallen’ film. 
Gerard Butler returns as the trusted confidant to the President, Secret Service Agent Mike Banning. But to the fans delight there's something unlike about the President this time around.
In the 'Has Fallen' series, Morgan Freeman has been a steadfast figure amongst the chaotic action.However, after being the target in two large-scale assassination attempts, Asher has clearly had enough of his role as President and left the fate of the US in the hands of Morgan Freeman's Allan Trumbull.
Freeman has had plenty of experienceacting as the President having played the role of President Beck in 1998's Deep Impact. Hehas also portrayed Nelson Mandela’s character in Invictus.
PVR Pictures and MVP Entertainment will release Angel has Fallen in India on 23rd August, 2019.

Check out the captivating new trailer of the action-packed thriller

Watch Morgan Freeman as the President this August, in cinemas near you!


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