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Makeup maven- Namrata Soni’s first grand masterclass in the capital, powered by the pioneers of organic luxury Indulgeo Essentials

The name synonymous to excellency and proficiency in makeup, Namrata Soni hosted her first masterclass in the capital on the 27th of July 2019 at the Shangri Las Eros Hotel. After a huge success & overwhelming response of the Ludhiana masterclass, ace celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni shared her professional expertise & experience at the Delhi masterclass. The class had 120 attendees from all over India & the globe with students coming in from Kenya, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and many other parts and different corners of the country. Namrata chose Delhi as her next stop as after Mumbai, Delhi is the biggest market for fashion and makeup and being one of the biggest cities in North India, it is the best target for a masterclass like this, applauding to the city’s connectivity. The makeup industry is booming as per the current scenario, people are now actually considering makeup artistry is an excellent career choice and with Namrata Soni’s guidance the able students will be able to garner this knowledge from India’s top jewel in this field, Namrata Soni. Having the media cover the event just adds to the momentum that the makeup revolution has at the moment, reaching the masses and all the aspiring makeup artists. The event was organised and powered by India and Namrata’s personal favorite brand, Indulgeo Essentials. Namrata Soni and Indulgeo Essentials have changed the beauty industry hand in hand, Namrata has broken shackles that pertain to makeup being painting faces and Indulgeo Essentials has proven how makeup is not only about cosmetics but how skin prep is more important than the actual makeup. A moisturized and hydrated skin is a pre requisite for flawless makeup and Namrata has advocated this repeatedly and also has been a mentor for Supriya Malik, founder Indulgeo Essentials, together they have revolutionized the makeup industry to focus on one of the most primal things about makeup - Skincare.


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