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Jahnvi’sakhri battle with the Daayan?

Right from the beginning, &TV’s Daayan has kept the viewers on the edge of their seats with ever-lasting 

chase to reveal the mystery behind the ‘asli’ Daayan. With the show now coming to an end, will Jhanvi and 

Akarsh’s miseries end and lead to a happily ever after? 
While on one hand, JahnviMorya will struggle to keep her family safe from the hands of Daayan, on the 

other, she will be fighting against the new Rakshas in her life, Manidaitya, who has separated her unborn 

child in two parts for destroying the precious stone - the ‘mani’, that has changed everyone’s life. Adding 
to her problems will be Jahnvi’s old enemy, Satrupa who has sworn to herself to keep Akarsh and Jahnvi away 

from the Mani while constantly trying to win Akarsh’s heart. Unaware of Satrupa’s existence, Jahnvi and 
Akarsh will get trapped into her evil and murderous plan which will lead to separating and transporting 

them into different worlds. With the hope to bring an end to the problems in her life and complete the 

little family that she has always wished for, Jahnvi will once again plunge into a dangerous journey to 
fight against all odds. 

Talking about her journey on the show, TinaaDattaa shared, “Jhanvi’s journey has always been a mysterious 

and courageous one. This is the last of her thrilling and fascinating journeys that is sure to excite the 
viewers, just like the first. Jahnvi in so many ways has been an exciting and thrilling character to play. 

She has been a fearless fighter and I thoughrougly enjoyed all the mysteries her life brought forth. Most 
Importantly, I have had a great time working with each of my co-actors from Aashka to Mohit to even someone 

as inspiring as Hiten. I am definitely going to cherish all the memories that this journey is given.”

In this concluding episode, will Jhanvi finally be able to succeed in overpowering Daayan this time around 
or will Daayan take over and bring an end to Jhanvi and Akarsh story altogether? 

To know more, tune into a thrilling finale episode of Daayan on 27th July 2019 at 9:00 pm only on &TV!


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